The Seed Series

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Was it Wayne Gretzky who said “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”? Or maybe it was Glen Carlyle; fella who ran the boom at the grain elevator in Tulare, SD. Either way, we learned it’s important to try and fail if we want to try and succeed. The Seed Series is our chance to do that - and your chance to try something new. Here’s what you need to know about The Seed Series.

What is it?


The Seed Series is our ongoing experiment to develop beer styles and answer weird questions like “what would a saison brewed with lactose taste like?” Some seeds from the series might grow into something big, and some we might enjoy and chuckle over before planting the next one. Our new SS Brewtech 5-barrel brewhouse allows us to write new recipes and try new things without committing to a 30-barrel batch just yet. Plainly put... smaller batches = wilder ideas.

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Why does it matter?

An important guiding value of Fernson Brewing Company is creativity. You’ll find it in our branding, our sales techniques, and our production processes. Smaller batches are a great platform to be creative, but also to develop excellent beer. Iterating a Lemon Grisette three or four times will develop the recipe into the best version of itself, removing off-flavors, nailing the subtlety of the lemon zest, and making sure it’s light enough that you’ll want another pint. If you’re our guest at the taprooms, it means you’ll have more options and more opportunities to learn about what beer styles fit your taste.

How long will a seed series beer last?


Seed series beers might be 1 barrel batches, 5 barrel batches, fruited, dry-hopped, or aged variants of other batches… so there’s really no guessing how long they will last. You can always find the newest idea at the brewery, Fernson on 8th, and if it’s a bigger batch, perhaps you’ll find it other places where good beer is sold.

How does the numbering work?


 #009 was a Kölsch, and #010 was a Blonde Ale with Centennial hops. Both were fun and crushable, but we’re all looking forward to #011. You’ll see the Seed Series number increase with each release. Even if we make that Kölsch again, the recipe will probably change, and it’ll get a new number. Keep your eye out for this tap handle, and let us know what you think on Untappd. Find our log of Seed Series beers here.

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What happens if one of them is REALLY good?


There’s a giant tree in my backyard that my household has affectionately named “Big Mike” and we check up on him here and there. And you bet, if a Fernson Seed grows big enough, we’ll give it a proper name, we’ll make more, and you’ll have access to it more often. Look forward to these graduation parties–we’ll let you know when they happen, and there’ll be plenty to go around.

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