Christmas Came Late

We recently got some new equipment in the brewery: a 5-barrel brewhouse and two 60-barrel fermenters to be exact.


For those of you that know a little bit about our current equipment, you might recall that we already have a 30-bbl brewhouse. And for those of you that know we have a 30-barrel brewhouse, you might be thinking why the heck do we need a brewhouse 1/6 the size of our current brewhouse? Well, the answer is more beer variety. Our 5-barrel system from the good folks at SS Brewtech yields smaller batches of beer that will help us keep our taproom lineups new and exciting every time you come in the door. And, if everything goes according to plan, you should be seeing new beers in cans and on tap everywhere good beer is sold.


As for the 2 new fermenters, all questions around those can be answered with two words: "more beer." These two fermenters have been placed next to our existing fermenters and will help us keep producing our core beers. These 15 foot giants have upped our total fermentation capacity to 630 barrels: that’s 208,656 12oz. cans of beer being fermented at one time! And yes, the fermenters are awfully hard to fit inside the brewery. Check out these photos of us and our friends from Orion Rigging trying to play megasuperhuge tetris. 


If you’re curious as to what all this new equipment looks like in person, stop into the brewery. We’d love to show you around.

Evan RichardsComment