Got a question? Maybe we answered it!




Q: where can i buy fernson beer?

A: Take a look at our Find Fernson map to see where you can find, you know, Fernson. #FindFernson

Q: can i book a private event at fernson?

A: Absolutely! Bring friends. Drop us a note and learn more about your party options here.

Q: When will you be distributing to my state/city/nearest liquor store?

A: Soon, hopefully. In the meantime ask for us at your local watering hole to help us find the demand for Fernson!

Q: Can you ship me beer?

A: Unfortunately we cannot. Alas, laws. 

q: Why do you put beer in cans?

A: Two basic reasons: 1.) Cans are better at protecting beer from light and oxygen than bottles and 2.) Aluminum is easier to recycle than glass (shout out to Mama Nature).


A: Oh we sell growlers. Come and see for yourself. We also fill growlers from other breweries because we like you.


A: We sell crowlers too, at both Fernson taprooms 

q: what about kegs? do you sell those?

A: No doubt. While we can’t sell kegs to anyone who would in turn try to make a profit on them (e.g. bars or restaurants), we CAN sell kegs to the good people of this land just trying to throw a rad party. You can only buy kegs from our brewery, however. 

q: How do i request beer for my charity/event thing?

A: Fill out this form! If you have any other questions, shoot Joel a line, he’s in charge of that sort of stuff. He’s at joel@fernson.com. Nice guy.

q: how do i find what fernson events are happening when?

A: Be sure to check us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. We try to keep people in the loop about new beer releases, taproom events, and whatnot.


A: No. 

q: are you hiring?

A: We’ve always got our eye out for good people who 1.) are nice, and 2.) like drinking beer. If you fall under these categories, fill out this form. Any other questions? Talk to Joel. Have we mentioned Joel? Nice guy. You can reach him at joel@fernson.com 

q: how do i get in on a tour?

A: Step 1: Walk into tap room. Step 2: Order beer to have whilst on tour. Step 3: Ask one of our friendly taproom staff for tour. Step 4: Take tour with beer in hand (much more enjoyable than without beer in hand).

q: i'm in the news media, who would i talk to for info?

A: Ooof. We’re going to have to deflect this one to Joel. Just a real sweetheart of a guy. He’s at joel@fernson.com. Be nice to him. He’s fragile.