Zoo Brew 2018

Zoo Brew is back! We are so excited to have again partnered with our friends at the Great Plains Zoo to bring you an awesome new beer. Zoo Brew 2018 is bright and easy drinking Summer Ale. Just like last year, a portion of every can sold will directly benefit the Zoo, this year for their new African Lion exhibit.

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The Beer: Zoo Brew 2018 is a Kölsch inspired Summer Ale. It's a crisp, bright, and clean beer that is sure to quench your thirst as the weather turns warmer.

The Can: The Zoo Brew can was designed by Fernson’s graphic designer, Mitch Torbert. Drawing from African Lions as inspiration, Mitch has created artwork that reflects the bright feeling of summer, the fun of visiting a zoo, and the stoic pride that we associate with lions. Zoo Brew stands out as a specialty can, and nicely compliments the Fernson core lineup.

The Collaboration: Zoo Brew is a one-off beer. There is a limited run of these cans--and when they’re gone, they’re gone! This an annual tradition between Fernson Brewing Company and the Great Plains Zoo. Who knows what Zoo Brew will be next year? For now, enjoy this Summer Ale and help support the zoo!

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The Great Plains Zoo recently shared plans for a new African Lion habitat, which will feature a pride of up to 10 Lions, including cubs, and additional exhibits for other Leopards and Meerkats. The project also includes renovations to the Maasai Market Café to expand seating and enhance exhibit viewing opportunities for the Zoo’s more than 300,000 visitors. To learn more about this project, visit www.greatzoo.org/lions

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