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Forty Winks Wine Barrel Aged

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So many things lie dormant in winter. The long nights lead to the sort of deep slumber that the cold only seems to perpetuate. But as so many creatures are hibernating, we have a behemoth that’s awoken in the dead of winter. We took our Forty Winks Russian Imperial Stout and let it rest and brood in Napa Valley red wine barrels for the past 13 months. It’s emerged as a deep, tannic, and robust beer that has arrived in time to help you warm your cold bones.

Vintage: 2016

ABV: 10.3%

IBU: 65

Hop Variety: belma

Malt Variety: Pale Ale, Carabrown, caramel 120l, chocolate 350l, honey, oats, raosted

Barrel: Napa Valley Red Wine

Availability: february 21st, 2018 while supplies last