Curio Cans Coming Soon


Sometimes the smallest things carry the most weight. Whether it's a watch from your dad or a locket from your grandma, these trinkets have a way of helping us remember good thoughts from the past. We all have them in some form or another, but we’d like to add another to your collection – one that comes in 12 ounces. Introducing: Curio, the fourth can from Fernson.

Curio is a tart ale full of intense citrus flavors that give way to a lemonade and grapefruit finish. Spritzy and refreshing, this beer is perfect on a hot summer day.

So grab a six-pack of Curio and start making some memories. Curio cans will be available in stores on July 25th. If your favorite beer shop doesn’t have it in stock, do us a favor and ask to see it on the shelf the next time you’re in!



Curio Facts
Berliner Weisse-style ale
ABV: 4.0%
IBUs: 4
Hop Variety: Cascade
Malt Varieties: Wheat and Pilsner
Color: Light Straw

Evan Richards