fernson brewing company trade designation guidelines:

As our Wholesaler, Fernson grants you a non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-licensable privilege to use our Point-Of-Sale materials. Wholesaler may only use approved Fernson Visual Assets to produce Point-Of-Sale collateral (retailer sell sheets, table tents, menu printing, signage, banners, etc.) in accordance with these guidelines. All other Fernson Visual Asset usage, including event signage, vehicle decals, advertising, and wearables, requires the written pre-approval of Graphic Designer, Mitch Torbert, or Marketing Director Evan Richards.

The integrity of our brand is of utmost importance to us. Just as we take great care in how we brew our beer, we are equally as fastidious with our graphics, branding, and culture. We are sensitive to how our brand is handled and cared for in the field, and we expect nothing less than strict adherence to these guidelines as it is in our mutual best interests to maintain the Fernson brand for consumers as both imaginative and consistent.