National Beer Can Appreciation Day

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Oh sweet, beloved aluminum can. Alas, we’ve shot fireworks out of you and used you as target practice. We’ve seen you shaken, stomped, crushed, and yet you’ve always been there. You have done so much for us. You hold our beer. You protect the goodness held within you. Today we just want to take a moment to appreciate all you do to keep our beer safe. No, we honor more than just a piece of aluminum––we honor an innovation. We honor a piece of technology that in turn provides loyal beer drinkers across our great land the opportunity to crack open the freshest suds that can be contained by the thirteenth element.

It’s true, there are so many enemies of beer: light and oxygen amongst them. But lo, there you’ve been, beer can, the only true drinking vessel to keep their detrimental effects at bay. With your airtight seal and non-see-through sides, you’ve always been the best vessel in our books. Not to mention how you give of yourself again and again. With almost 70% cans getting recycled, you’re always willing to come back for another round. Even Captain Planet would be proud to hold you.

So to all of you out there who, like us, appreciate a trusty aluminum can, take a look at these portraits caught in just the right light and hoist high the can that makes us proud to say, “Yes, we can.”


The Fernson Team

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