Lion's Paw Now in 12 Packs


Every now and again things just work out. Like when you find a front row parking spot at the grocery store or stumble upon $5 on the ground. To us, Lion’s Paw is one of those things that just works out. You can have it in the morning, at night, on the beach, or on the ski hill, it’s a beer that fits any occasion. To help you make any situation better, we’ve made a box to share. We’re proud to introduce the Lion’s Paw 12 pack.  


Lion's Paw Lager was named after that time Fernson plucked a thorn from the paw of a lion; you might've seen a hint on the can, but there's more to find on the box. Lately we've had a lot of fun hiding small notes and easter eggs in our packages and materials. Keep a keen eye and you might #findfernson. 

LPBoxLifestyle (11 of 12).jpg
LPBoxLifestyle (4 of 12).jpg

We had the opportunity to watch these 12 pack boxes fly through the press with our friends at Mankato Packaging in Mankato, MN. They've been doing great work for over 75 years and showed us a wonderful time as we toured their facility and saw how they do things. Check out some photos from our trip to Mankato packaging here:

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