Fermenting more beer, thanks to you.

When we started a year ago, we never imagined that we would need two more 60-barrel fermenters this soon to keep up with demand. These new fermenters bring us up to a total of 300-barrels of fermentation capacity, a true testament to the craft beer movement in this region.    

Initially we thought the amount of tank space we had would be enough for at least the first few years. You, the amazing, craft beer lovers that you are, proved us wrong. Each of these new fermenters can hold over 1800 gallons of beer and will allow us to expand our current production by 66% (in theory).

Our newest core beer, Lion’s Paw Lager, has proven a runaway success. This beer does take longer in the fermenter than our other ‘ale’ offerings, so a true increased production number is hard to nail down at this time. When we start canning Lion’s Paw in September we’ll need one of these fermenters just to keep up with demand for cans.

The end goal for us is simple: to make more beer for more people to enjoy. With our new fermenters, we get closer to achieving this goal as well as continue to bring solid craft beer to South Dakota