Perfecting the Craft

At Fernson Brewery we are passionate about delivering quality craft beer to the community we love.  Instead of the systematic assembly line that creates your generic beer, we have established a personalized brewing process.  

Reasons to drink craft beer:

1.       Quality ingredients to offer more variety

Our beers go through a delicate brewing process. All of our raw ingredients, cereal grains, barely, wheat, and oats, are sourced fairly locally, and our customers can be assured of their quality.  We use these numerous ingredients to create a variety of aromas and flavors, from the dark chocolate Porter to the golden pale Farmhouse Ale. 

2.       You have the opportunity for a “behind the scenes” peek.

We love to discuss the brewing process with any of our curious customers, and we are more than happy to sit down with you, answer any of your questions, and even give you a tour of our brewery, as many consumers are curious about what happens behind the scenes.  You have the unique opportunity to learn exactly how your beer is made, and we are more than happy to share the process with you.

3.       Drinking our craft beer connects you to your community

At Fernson, we love nothing more than quenching the thirst of our customers and providing a taproom atmosphere where you can create new memories with those you love. When you drink our craft beer, you are supporting and connecting with the community around you.  Our taproom has a unique atmosphere, with its own vibe and culture. When you come to our brewery for your favorite craft drink, know you can always stick around for a great time.


4.       You are drinking beer made by those who are dedicated to bringing you only the best

It has been our dream to bring you handcrafted beer you can call your own. Our passion and excitement for beer is never ending, and we wouldn’t invest so much time and energy to deliver only mediocre results. We wake up every morning excited to perfect the art and science of making beer.

Come hang out at our taproom for an experience that will be far from generic. Bring your friends, family, and prepare to drink some good beer.